Monday, December 28, 2015



I have been in the field for a little over a week now and I am loving every second, I am in an area called San Jose Del Monte, Sapang Palay ward and it is beautiful here! My comp is American which is great so I can understand his training and helps me alot with tagalog, he's been out for 17 mo. The people are awesome, so nice and loving. So many people, Lahat mga tao, we have to pick and choose who we want to approach and try to share the gospel with. Every person I have felt to approach has been accepting and curio, some more than others which are the awesome ones. OYM open your mouth is my favorite thing to do going up to random people and they have know idea who I am and why i dress so nice. Its funny to catch people off guard like they stare at me hard core and are so shocked when I go up and TRY to speak tagalog to them. Language is tough but I love learning it and wanting to get to know how to communicate with people. If we are talking about the gospel I have a pretty good understanding of whats being said, but regular conversation I am lost most of the time. Christmas is crazy out here, people partying singing karaoke blowing things up having a good ol time. Music is one thing I really missed in the MTC, now being out here people are bumpin music 24/7 and i cant help but jam out for a little. Filipinos love me here, Ive gotten a lot of comparisons to actors, jacob from twilight and shark boy, zac efferon and tom cruise. hahaha i can kinda see jacob but zac and tom is little much.
Teaching is fun, language barrier is there but I try to listen and speak with the Spirit, (Espiritu Santo) and it truly works people understand what point i want to get across with taglish/ broken tagalog. Im always looking for the nod of their head to let me know they got what im saying. I come out of lessons happy as can be and love the work here. I know Im out here doing the right thing and wouldn't want to be anywhere else. I love this church and I know it is the true restored church here on earth through the power of Espiritu Santo. I wish I could explain and show you what its like out here. These people have already made me humble, they barely have houses or lights but they use what they have and are happy with everything. I love the Philippines and everything this church has to offer. I love you all and want you to know im am living the life out here. I have never been so passionate about anything.
I want to thank every back home for all the love and support before I came out here. You motivate me to do my best out here. I love you all, remember to be yourself and be happy. One thing I taught last night for a Christmas lesson is how short our time here on earth is and to love every second, live it up and choose the right. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!



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  1. So happy to see Isaac, so happy what a great young Man. Thank for sharing Tia loves you.