Wednesday, January 6, 2016


WATTBA what a time to be alive

NEW YEARS was crazzzyyy fireworks every which way u turn, we got on our roof and just watch in amazement looks like a war zone, it was raining and smoke everywhere, LOUD fire crackers. great time though and they didn't stop, usually after the new year y'all go back inside and enjoy the party with fam or whatever, here they party don't stop, i didn't stop hearing fireworks, this morning woke up still hear music blaring bombs going off. haha fun experience. I'm doing great very thankful to skype with the fam. they are so supportive and I know they are proud of me being out here, so supportive. Wish I could record everything I go through out here, everyday is something different and an adventure. I love it. Quote I've been thinking of lately is "don't leave somewhere you wish you could have done more" trying to do everything i can out here, language is dang tough but i can get my point across with the spirits help so I have learned not to hold back in trying to say things and share experiences. Love this work. Food is bomb, I miss pepper jack cheese, crunchy jalapenos and nanas homade cookin as well as a floridinos calzone, mhmmmm, getting time for lunch here soon, but they have a pretty good hot sauce. The desserts are my favorite so far, we had dinner with a member yesterday, chicken chunk cooked in pineapple juice carrots sweet milk and real good over some rice. ube, which is dessert purple looking pie that had a potato mash texture to it but was a vanilla flavor, with shredded cheese on top haha you'd think the cheese is horrible addition I was surprised when she started to shred it over dessert but it actually gave it a good flavor. love life live every day to the fullest, be yourself, some things I try to apply everyday here and its helped a lot.


Elder English

​                                           "Johan, it was his bday so we took a selfie"

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