Thursday, December 17, 2015


Isaac left the Missionary Training Center Wednesday 12/16/15.  He has been studding hard for 6 weeks at the MTC learning Tagolog and how to teach as a Missionary.  As they leave the MTC they visit the Missionary Presidents home and find out what area they will be serving in first.  I have not yet received an email from Isaac with those details. However I did receive a few pictures from the Mission President and his wife.

                                                            Group of new missionaries

Isaac w/ Pres. Bertin and his wife Kim Bertin 

                                                        Elder English and Elder Stratton

As well as a special one sent to me by a very sweet fellow missionary momma Tara leaflang Heaton. (her son is serving as the assistant to the mission president).  His mother had told him about meeting me on FB and about Isaac. He was kind enough to make sure to snap a photo of himself w/ Isaac during the meeting. 

I am anxious to see what area he will be in...what his apartment will be like...whom his companion will be...and of course all about his adventures and stories about all the wonderful people of the Philippines he is going be making an impression on.  His next email should be full of wonderful details of what life will be like for him until the next transfer.  I can hardly wait!!

I had a rough Monday this week as news was airing that Typhoon Nona had hit central Philippines  and I was not sure how the area Isaac was in was being affected.  Turns out his area was not in the direct path so rain and a bit of wind was all they had to deal with there at the MTC.  Sorry to my co-workers as Monday I was pretty distracted and a lil irritable until figuring that out.  : )  Turns out the Philippines experiences on average 20-25 "tropical disturbances" each year.  So that ought to be fun...ugh!!!  As Isaac said in his last email  "Things are gettin real" 


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  1. Great job Isaac. My blessings your way. Love Tia Jane