Thursday, December 3, 2015


Hello Familya and Friends,

Life at the MTC is very nice and luxurious. Our district of 8 elders went proselyting yesterday in the quezon city north mission and WOWZAAS. Proselyting is going in the field with missionaries who have been in the area for a while and take us around towns and teach a lesson to an investigator. We taught this OLD man, name was brother Roger, also reffered to as LOLO (grandpa). He takes care of his grandson who is a little boy in a diaper who cant talk but we called him super man and he was so GUAPO. In the Philippines they bless someone to show respect for them if they are older usually, great sign of respect. We blessed lolo and little superman blessed us. It was a really cool experience, Bared my testimony in Tagaolog, Testimony is how the book of Mormon has effected my life. He started talking to me in tagalog after but I caught about 5% of what he said, He was quiet since so old and I'm not to advanced in the tagalog language, so i just smiled and nodded after every time he finished talking. It worked out cuz later my casama in the field told me he agreed with me how reading the book of Mormon strengthens me. He said whenever his body aches/hurts he reads the BofM to feels better. He wants to get baptized but can't attend church being so old. Which stinks cuz he really wants to be baptized. The missionaries there are trying to get something figured out with mission prez. Our district went out for about 2 hours and we were way tired when we got back. All in all great karanasan (experience). Felt like a dream being in the field. Rode a jeepney which was awesome as well as a Trike, motorcycle with a sidecar. fit 2 in sidecar and 2 on back of the bike. I went on the back and that was crazy, the driving here is just insane. I could stick my arm out and easily touch a car going by haha, but surprisingly haven't seen any accidents, so they must be good drivers just loco. Senior batch of missionaries just left the MTC yesterday morning, which was tough and emotional cuz we came so close to them, and off they go. I have become quite emotional out here. We watched "Meet the Mormons" one day and I had a couple tears fall and I looked over at my kasama and he did as well we both laughed as soon as we saw each other. We are both upset at how "soft" we are becoming. We were called as zone leaders, which is cool but we are both a little scared but steppin up to the plate.

Life is great love you and miss you all



Elder English


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