Friday, December 11, 2015


I have to tell you all...about Sue Duvall.  She and her husband are serving at the Philippines Missionary Training Center.  I believe she is a nurse/health aide there.  Isaac being Isaac made friends with her straight away.  He talks very highly of her and she does the same about him.  I feel she has kinda taken Isaac under her wing.  She has been an absolute blessing! 

For starters without her posting pictures of all the new missionaries on to the FB page she runs, I would have not known, as soon as I did that Isaac had arrived safe and sound.  Then 95% of all the pictures that I have posted here on the blog have been from her. Isaac says she seeks him out and takes pictures of him because she knows how much I love it.  To add to her greatness...she personally instant messages me every now and then to give me quick updates on Isaac.  There was a mix up the third week he was there and the day he emailed me changed.  I received his email (very short two small sentences) a day early and I had not yet sent my reply to him from the week before.  Isaac was concerned that I was I hadn't emailed him.  He ask Sue if I had posted anything on FB. She IM'd me expressing Isaacs concern...I told her what happened and she reassured Isaac everything was fine told him why he hadn't gotten an email from me and told him he had emails waiting for him. 

She IM'd me the following message the other day after witnessing Isaac bare his testimony in sacrament meeting this past Sunday.

"Your son bore his testimony today in Sacrament meeting. What an amazing young man!! He talked about how learning to teach has helped him to recognize the Spirit. Said he no longer looks for weaknesses in people, but looks for their strengths. Then he bore his testimony of the restored gospel in Tagalog and did a GREAT job!! You should be proud of that boy!! The Spirit was very strong as he spoke. Just wanted to share." 

Thank you Mrs Sue Duvall.  You are a gift!!

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  1. Hello, Isaac. So happy to hear that you are doing great things, Tia Jane very proud of you, Enjoy all people you are perfect for us people, My blessing your way Hug and a big kiss. Love you Tia Jane 😘