Monday, April 25, 2016


I'm waaaaay up I feel blessed,

Looks as if I will be in my first area Sapang Palay for over six months which I am very excited/happy about. We have some upcoming baptisms in the next few weeks if everything goes as planned! April 30 will be a baptismal service for a 14 year old girl, Rose Jane. She has been taking missionary lessons for three years now and has been prepared by the Lord to make the baptismal covenant. She has always been a shy little girl which holds her back from participating in lessons or growing close with members at church. We can slowly see that changing every week. I truly believe she is ready. It is just crazy to think how the Lord can prepare us for things.

Back when the missionaries found me I had no idea that I was looking for God or looking for church. But the Lord put them before me and helped me to feel the power of the Holy Spirit. Completely changed my life in so many ways, opportunities arose, friendships began, my thoughts became clear as to what the purpose is for me here right now. I am very happy to help people accept this gospel into their own lives. How amazing to have the fullness of the gospel at this time. Don't take it for granted. If you feel you don't have that fullness in your life. Find it. Find him and if ye shall knock it shall be opened unto you.

Don't be shy!!!!! I have seen it hold so many people back here. It is a common trait I see here. tagalog- Nakahiya(shy) Don't let shyness hold you back from opportunities that we can easily receive by stepping out of that comfort zone. Have confidence in yourself. Have confidence in the Lord. Have confidence in Jesus Christ. They want you to be happy so follow them. Do your best everyday, and trust that the Lord has a plan for you.
I love you all thank you for being you, those who are in your life are in your life for a reason, find out why.

Elder English

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