Monday, June 13, 2016



New area! Goodness gracious, I will miss Sapang Palay with my heart. It was tough for me to say bye to those I've grown so close to those past 6 months, but its okay, new ward new area, new brothers and sisters to help come closer to our savior. So Malolos is about half and half, we have city and jungle type atmosphere. We live in the city, call it the Bayan and as we go out to work we end up with a bunch of banana trees and open fields. Its nice I like it. Our chapel is the stake center so we have AIR CON.... wow how much I missed that, our last chapel had fans all over the place.

The members are super nice and the recent converts have such strong testimonies. I was fed dinner almost the whole first week I got here which is nice. Had the opportunity to bear my testimony and talked about how our testimonies are our personality, how you know this gospel to be true is what keeps us going. Most members here in the Philippines are converts being the church is fairly new here, we are seeing the second generation of young me and women who grew up in the church (born in covenant) have a strong desire to serve a mission because of how much this gospel has helped their families. I love seeing someone preparing themselves  to serve.

My new comp is Elder Newman from Utah, straight outta the factory as he explains, being most Mormons are from Utah and raised in the gospel, but he is quite the opposite, what a personality he has man, just an outgoing guy who loves missionary work. He is going home to end his mission not this transfer but next, so I will most likely watch him leave the mission. I am learning a bunch from him and his experience here in the mission. Our teaching goes hand in hand, we feed of each others teachings and expecting great things to happen here in the work of the LORD. The goal out here for us is to grow grow grow and grow each and every day, becoming the person who the LORD wants us to be, being the best missionary we can be every day. When you and your comp have the same goal in mind, things go smoothly.

Im having the time of my life and enjoying each and every day, one thing ive learned out here is how fast time flies. Its crazy but such a great learning experience. These people are awesome, I wish you could meet all the people we meet on a daily basis, they love to have fun here and be themselves. What a perfect mission for Elder English. 

Elder English


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