Wednesday, April 13, 2016


WOWZAS General Conference April 2015

I absolutely loved this conference and all of the speakers that prepared for us. We are so fortunate to hear from a Prophet of the Lord and his many apostles. Very thankful to be a member of this church and the inspiration these speakers give to all who listen. So a little bit different here in the Philippines for conf. Usually at home making breakfast head over to a friends house maybe a nice nap in the middle of talks. Here we attended our Stake center where they Satellited the conf. A week later than the actual conference a week ago. No naps involved, I have never been so intrigued and focused on a conference, before. It was a great experience for me as a missionary.

The talk by Christofferson touched me on fathers, really motivated me for when the time does come to be the best loving father to my wife and kids, protecting them at any costs and preparing them for the wonders of this church, and all the opportunities thru serving the Lord. All you fathers, thank you for your example to me of your love to your children. Express love everyday, we don't get these times back. Show your kids how much you love them. I loved the talk by the Prophet, President Thomas S. Monson on choices. It all depends on our choices in this life. Alice in wonderland having no where to go, not knowing where to go when faced with two different paths, the cat in wonderland asked her where she was going Alice replied I don't know. The cat responded with if you don't know where you are going how will you ever get there? Goals, set goals and have a vision of where you want to be in this life. Without a vision there is now way for us to get there. Sometimes it gets hard to follow the path we want, God has given us the privilege to make mistakes learn and grow from those mistakes. I have never learned how to truly appreciate my challenges until being out here as a missionary. If you are in a situation that is hard, maybe tough to endure and cant yet see the light, have faith, have faith in heavenly father and his son Jesus Christ, if you lack faith in them have hope that your faith will increase. Have to start somewhere. I leave this with you to pray to heavenly father, he is real, he wants the best for you. If ye knock he shall answer.
Hope this helps everyone who reads! I love you all and miss ya! Know I am doing great and loving it here as a disciple of Christ, how great it is to be a representative of Jesus Christ and bare testimony of his love for us.  Thank you and INGAT PO KAYO (take care)

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