Friday, November 13, 2015


Philippines MTC is the AWESOME. I love it here so much. I have been called to serve as district leader for our district, and the calling has really opened my eyes. I have learned more than I ever have. EVER. Our district is made up of 8 elders, we are named Ammon District. These elders are my brothers, its been a week and I love them all, each different in their own way. 4 americans including myself, 2 australians, 1 somoan, and 1 from guam. We all get along great. We had a time where we went around in a circle and pointed out what we admire about each person. Some of the most heartfelt things i have heard from man to man. We grow closer to eachother every day. All learning Tagalog and how to teach.

I love the diversity here and making friends with everybody here. The more people you know Elders/ Sisters/ Guros(teachers), the more fun we have. This has been an experience of a lifetime and I am SOOO happy to be here on a mission. Yesterday (Thurs) was my bday and everyone here made me feel special, Indians gave me spicy things, i really enjoy the indians company some of the nicest people you will meet right there. But we had a demonstration where 2 guros acted as elders and I was the investigator. They instructed me to be the person I was before my baptism 2 years ago. We were outside while the distict was watching/ learning, and the guros began with a lesson. They asked me what motivates me in life and I explained my family, and went farther into the lesson and I felt the Epiritu Santo (spirit/ Holy ghost) so much, the same feeling I had when I gave the closing prayer in my first lesson. I couldnt hold back the tears, I didnt want to cry me being district leader an my district is watching but you can't deny the spirit. Another testimony that I am in the right place doing the right thing.

First birthday where at the end of the day someone asked me how my day was I said MAbuti(good), I learned alot. I have noticed learning here is fun for me, learning more about something you are passionate about is great and I am excited for the next 5 weekes here in the MTC.

I love you all, Thank you for your prayers, I am feeling them tremendously!!

Love, Elder English

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