Monday, November 9, 2015

All smiles while arriving to the MTC Philippines November 6th 2015

MOOOOMMMMMMM I am safe and sound!!! WOW Things are crazy here but awesome. I am loving it so much. The plane rides were tough barely slept on them. Met up with 2 Elders in Seattle. they are cool. We got to airport and girls helped us get our bags... they LOVED us, sir sir sir u find everything sir??? We went outside to find/wait for our taxi and they came outside and took pics with us. Asked if i was single and i said yes and i will be for 2 years and she responds "even after you met me?!!?!?!" haha MEt up with another Elder in tokyo, he is from virginia really cool.  We are in Missionary Training Center and he will be my companion so I'll be with him for next 40 days. Things are crazy cool awesome I love it here and have already learned so much, just traveling. love you momma.  Tell everyone I am safe and sound. Tell Tia Yoly plz she is worried for me and if u can ask her to relay that to my dad he is also worried. Tell Tony and Anisa I love them and having blast tell Nana Papa too.  Miss u guys alredy but this is an experience of a lifetime, when will I ever be able to do something like this again. love love love you guys. Until next week!

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