Friday, January 6, 2017

"I am doing great and loving life as a missionary of our Heavenly Father"

Dear family and friends,

It has been awhile since I've sent out an email for the blog but I want to inform you I am doing great and loving life as a missionary of our Heavenly Father. Time has flown and it is disheartening knowing I have a short amount of time left here in the beautiful islands of the Philippines. I love everything about this place. The people, the food, the culture is amazing. 

I have come a long ways in many aspects of life. One of my favorites is the opportunity I have every day to strengthen my testimony of Jesus Christ and his gospel. This service we do as missionaries is so fun for me. We just had a meeting with our mission president a couple weeks ago for all the trainers and trainees and President had asked all of the trainees what is one thing you have learned in the first 5 weeks of their missions. Elder Belnap (my trainee) gave an answer that helped me realize some things I hadn't quite given much thought into. He said he learned how to have fun. I loved that answer because that has always been an unspoken goal of mine to always have fun. The fact that my anak (child) was able to pick that up will make his mission that much better. They're many different ways to have fun but when you are having fun doing the Lords work in his way, It's a beautiful life. Anak because when you are called to be a trainer it means your trainee is now your child. Its a fun little family here in the mission. Elder Belnap is from Idaho Falls, Idaho and a great guy. Happy to be called as his trainer. I wish to pass all I have learned in my time here to him before our training period is over which is 12 weeks. 

As for the area. I LOVE IT. By far my favorite area. All areas have something that just sticks out to you and makes it great but I love everything about this area. It is mostly city life but the people are super receptive and fun. We are very lucky to be assigned here because The Lord has prepared many people here to accept the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their lives. It's now up to us to be on our very best always because we need all the time we can get in a day to help these people through their conversion. 

New Years was crazy. Philippines has to be #1 hotspot to celebrate New Years. Fireworks every which way. We went to the top of our apartment building and had a great view. It was beautiful to see a complete 360 view of pure fireworks. Some small, some HUGE, some far, and some way to close. It was awesome.

Well that is it from me, if I were to give you some encouraging words I would invite you to ALWAYS SERVE. Serve your family, friends, work mates or anyone you feel the need to serve.
Mosiah 2:17
And behold, tell you these things that ye may learn wisdomthat ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.

We have the opportunity to serve every day. FIND YOURS TODAY! Love you all miss ya!

Elder English

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